Finding a Fumigant Article

The Medicine Maker - issue 1116, December 2016

Finding a fumigant article in The Medicine Maker


Andrew Ramage, our Microbiology Product Specialist, has written an article voicing his opinion on the challenges of finding a replacement to Formaldehyde as a fumigant.

The article, titled ‘Find a Fumigant’ features in issue 1116 of The Medicine Maker, published in December 2016.   You can read more on the article on the Medicine Maker website.

Here’s an extract from the article:

Formaldehyde’s days as a fumigant are numbered, but choosing an alternative isn’t easy. Here are some things to consider…

Andrew’s opinion piece, in the ‘In My View’ section of The Medicine Maker, follows on from his earlier article on fumigation in a previous issue. His article ‘Fumigation of the Future appeared in the March 2016 issue.

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