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The Pharmaceutical and Cleanroom Industry's Pocket Guide to Prepared Media 

It goes without saying that the importance of culture media for microbiological purposes in the pharmaceutical and the cleanroom industry cannot be understated.

Without culture media, we would be unable to achieve accurate, reproducible, and ultimately  repeatable microbial tests. Subsequently, it is essential that users take every precaution to ensure that their prepared culture media is not substandard.

In this pocket guide, we refer to both solid and liquid forms of prepared culture media, and cover a number of pertinent topics to consider that may be helpful if you are considering switching from manufacturing in-house or changing your current supplier.

Included in the Guide:

  • The various applications of prepared media
  • The logistics of in-house prepared media manufacture
  • The argument for pre-prepared media vs in-house manufacturing
  • Best practice guidelines for handling and storing prepared media
  • How to choose a prepared media supplier

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